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 JCS Sheet Music for Guitar  
   My cyber friend "Pete in the UK" performed Jesus Christ Superstar with a company in England a few years ago. He sent me these charts he made which cover all of his guitar parts for the entire score.
   Check them out and tell me what you think (by emailing me a
t You may download and use these files. I just ask that if you post them online give the credit to "Pete in the UK"!  
Thanks PETE!
He has checked these files for accuracy. But since I have not checked them personally I cannot honestly say that they are 100% correct (or that they match my JCS Chords & Lyrics page).
 JCS Sheet Music and tab for Guitar (pdf files)
 Heaven On Their Minds  ending
 What's The Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying
 Everything's Alright
 This Jesus Must Die
 Simon Zealotes
 Pilate's Dream
 The Temple   short
 Everythings Alright (reprise) 
 I Don't Know How to Love Him   solo
 Damned For All Time    opening
 The Last Supper    start   solo  
Jaded Mandarin
 Gethsemane (Electric)      Gethsemane (Acoustic)
 The Arrest
 Peter's Denial
 Pilate and Christ
 King Herod's Song
 Could We Start Again
 Judas' Death
 Trial Before Pilate (incl. 39 lashes)
 The Crucifixion
 John Nineteen Forty-One

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 JCS MIDI files  by Robb A.
I'm creating my own from scratch and sometimes adding and altering bits of other peoples previous work in an effort to create THE BEST JCS MIDI FILES IN THE WORLD! I've marked mine in the list on the left with  by RA  and gathered them together in the list below.  Check them out and tell me what you think (by emailing me a
 Overture - added many tweaks to version1 (by VJM)
 Heaven On Their Minds -
(still a work in progress)
 What's The Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying -
It's finally here! The super funky bass line, many guitars, both songs complete!
 Everything's Alright -
as 1 (w/additions, unfinished)
 Pilate's Dream
- The first JCS MIDI file I made. Features an accurate picking pattern, cool bass and nice strummed guitar
 The Temple -
A little busy but... Really COOL!
 NEW  Damned For All Time - Best! Really COOL! Full arrangement !!
 And From the Movie!  
 Then We Are Decided - The ONLY Midi file of this song in the world! (That I know about.)
 Could We Start Again - One of the very few Midi files of this song in the world!
 Damned For All Time -  by RA  (coming soon!)
 Pilate and Christ - (coming sometime!)
 Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem-  by RA  (coming soon)

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