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(Just grabbed them and put 'em here. I haven't really checked all of them out)

Ted Neeley
Ted Neeley  - Official site
Ted Neeley  - Home on Facebook
Ted Neeley  - 2019 EU Production

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 Mainly MIDI files

My JCS MIDI Collection Page
The LARGEST collection of Jesus Christ Superstar MIDI files ANYWHERE in the World (that I've seen) is right HERE on this site!
I (Robb) have collected every JCS MIDI file I've been able to find on the internet and put them here.
I've offered my descriptions and I've credited the arrangers when possible.
I'm also adding my own JCS MIDI files that I've been creating with the goal in mind of making them THE BEST in the WORLD. I've got a good start.
Check 'em out!


Jesus Christ Superstar Forum (good)

Jesus Christ Forum


ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER’S Really Useful Group - Really Useful Group

Jesus Christ Superstar page at

The Ultimate JCS website
That's what "they" call it, but I wouldn't call it that.

Musical Heaven - Jesus Christ Superstar

PHOTO ARCHIVE: JCS on Stage and Screen

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